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6. Sınıflar


(6th Grades)


¬ Draw a family tree and showing relations between them using “have/has” and then writing them in a paragraph by using possessive pronouns (My mother, Ahmet’s wife, etc).

¬ Write about your family members by describing them with adjectives (hair, eyes, length, weight, etc.), their ages, and their professions (jobs) on a colourful paper.

¬ Make a poster about professions with pictures by describing what they “can/can’t” do. (At least 10 jobs)

¬ Make a refrigerator with objects in it and writing “there is/are” and “some/any” sentences on its cover.

¬Make a shopping list and make a dialogue by asking questions with “how much and how many” and answering them with “some an any

¬ Draw the flags of countries and people and writing their capital cities and where people come from and their nationalities.

¬Make a map to describe of your house or flat by stating the objects in it with have got/has got.

¬Make flashcards about the adjectives (at least 20 flashcards)

¬Make a map of their town by using real objects such as car toys, houses made of cartons or trees with coloured cartons, a train station with matchsticks, etc. and describe locations and give directions of the map.



(Evaluation of the Performances)


P Grammar- 30 points

P Structures- 25 points

P Spelling- 10 points

P Content- 20 points

P Order- 10 points

P Giving on the right time- 5 points


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