12 12 2008



1. Bir insanı tanıyabilmek için kişiye yönelik sorular sorulması (Creating a survey )

2.Countries ( ülkelerin tanıtımı )

3. Jobs  ( mesleklerin tanıtımı )

4. Fashion Style ( describing clothes  with pictures or names of clothes )

5. Writing an article about teenager in your country about their pocket money and what they spend their money on.

6. Write a paragraph about you and your family . What were you /they doing yesterday at 7 – 8 ( using Past Cont. )

7. Describe a natural disaster or if you eye witness to one write about it.

8. Write an article about you and when you were a child ( used to – didn’t use to )

9. Create your own comic strip and write a dialogue on it.

10. Writing next week’s horoscope as funny as possible  ( Future Tense )

11. Design a home page for your web-site about a famous city in your country.

12. Imagine you are on holiday. Write a letter to your friend. (  Where you are with who ? .. ) or a postcard.

13. Choose a river in your country .Use photos, maps,encyclopedias , atlases to write a text about it.( its source,places it flows through )

14. Write your own joke.

15. Create an advertisement for a product  or a place ..etc. Write an advert for it.Record it just like a radio advert.

16. the Eco-Friendly Poster  ( Making a poster to protect our world,tree, plastic, recycle…. )

17.Write rules of your house , pool , hospital…. Using  Must and Have to …

18. Create new dialogues and shoot a film of them.

19. Find your own intelligence and describe it using example from yourself and your life .

20. Searching  Halloween , Easter , Christmas …..

21.Making dialogues about people meeting.

22.Desribing your house and room  ( using have got / has got )

23. Creating your own family web page.

24.Make an interview with someone and  change it into an article  about him / her , write  his/her everyday activities ( likes , dislikes )( Simple Present )

25. Make a poster of typical houses in your country  or a Gaziantep House. Write sentences about their features. ( use house vocabulary )

26. Draw a map or find a map of your city . Write a short text about your city and its tourist attractions. Write dialogues about asking and giving directions on the map.      ( Prepositions of place )

27.Preparing a quiz about your country ( its population ,lakes,mountains … ) using Comparative and Superlative.

28. Write your own diary in English using simple past.

29. Collect information about a famous person and write a short text about him /  her.  ( Simple Past )

30. Creating an almanac  which took place in the 1990’s  ( Simple Past )

31. Describe your favorite toy or game and say how one can play with it.



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